The best tips and tactics on how to sell junk cars

Removing your unwanted vehicle from the yard or driveway is a very easy and simple process, but yet there are many people who are not aware of that and the main reason is their inexperience. These people usually pay others to remove their junk cars from the yard. This is very wrong because thousands of people have already earned a decent amount of money by selling their unwanted junked cars. The following is a list of tips and tactics that you can use in order to get a good deal for your car with a junk car buyer.

Junk for Cash MA


  1. It is very important to understand that your junk car can be very valuable to other people and businesses, so don’t underestimate its value. Many car parts found in cars that don’t work are still valuable especially for those involved in the junk industry. They can successfully remove and sell these parts. Try to take a closer look at the car parts that are still working in your car and do some research on the Internet. This is a good way to determine the approximate value of your car.
  2. In the past people got deductions on vehicle donations, but times have changed. The IRS no longer accepts vehicle donations as a reason for deduction unless the vehicle is not worth more than five thousand dollars. In other words, the deduction you can expect is very small and cannot be compared to the cash you will get from an average junkyard.
  3. There are many people who believe that taking their car to the junkyard can speed up this process, but the fact is that it is very difficult to do that especially if the car is not working at all. This means that you will have to pay for towing. But, why do this when there are junk car buyers who will cover these fees and pay you cash on the spot.
  4. Don’t choose the first buyer that calls you or that you find on the Internet. There are many buyers interested in junk car and this is especially true for the Massachusetts area. Selling your car in Massachusetts is really easy. So, take some time and ask them for quotes.
  5. Another good tip is to be realistic. Sure, most businesses will be glad to do some bargaining, but they are also free to stop the bargaining process if they notice that you are not realistic and that you are actually being greedy. In most situations junk car buyers will pay about 50% of what they can actually earn from your car. If your offer can’t bring them at least 50% profit they will most likely go away.
  6. Finally, you can also choose to sell some of the car parts on your own, but this can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to remove these parts without causing damage. On the other hand, junk car buyers know how to perform this procedure because they qualified staff.

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